Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Bucket List – do you have one?

Roodie says, "Relax more"

I’m sure we all have some sort of bucket list; perpetual or otherwise. Mine is more, not sure how to describe it, perhaps more like a personal improvement bucket list. I have many random thoughts floating around in my head, things I want to do or accomplish in no particular order. My Husband thinks I’m nuts but loves me anyway. I will try to accomplish some of these projects in the coming year so I can share them with you all. Here’s a sampling:

-make my own soaps and lotions (books bought)
-live in a green “off the grid” wooden yurt house
-grow an amazing vegetable garden
-take better notes
-listen better
-start a blog
-cook a new thing every week (I’m getting there…)
-learn one new thing every day
-relax more
-read more (I have 6 novels on deck…)
-inspired by Mz Pinney – knit something (an actual usable item!)
-make a quilt (with t-shirts or fabric scraps)
-slipcover the sofa
-make hypertufa pots
-accomplish all the tasks I plan to do on any given Sunday (likely impossible!)
-open a consignment store for home décor items
-learn more about flower gardening (ordered Canadian Gardening for 2 years)
-paint those darn Muskoka chairs (once we agree on a colour)
-adopt some chickens
-be less materialistic
-work less...enjoy more

Well, that’s all I could catch today. Perhaps you will think about what you want to do, or how you want to live, for the rest of your life….


  1. I've headed over to your blog from Pinney's. I love your dog and your house. And I'm looking forward to seeing your creations. Great start to your blog and reminds me I've fallen far behind in my blog writing!!!

  2. Hi Lizziski! Thank you for loving my Roodie boy. We have an Ella too so I will post a picture of her next. And thank you so much for taking the time to visit my new blog, and for joining.

    From what I've seen you're very creative too and I look forward to reading about your next adventure!

  3. Lynne-e-pie, after reading your sampling of bucket list I can say that I too have that kind of bucket list - I have about 6 spiral journals worth of bucket list! The consignment store idea is groovy and I'd love to have one to visit near here. Your Rhoodie is so so cute and we do learn so much from our pooches, eh? You have had me doing a lot of thinking about the 'bucket list' as this year is the first year I say 'no thanks' to the whole New Years' resolution thing - but I do love goals. Thanks for reminding me to set more new journal has a short new list thanks to you! Oh and Lizzy is so very talented, I am so lucky to be the recipient of her creative works and she is my very own cousin (by marriage) which makes me very happy :-) We love Liz.