Thursday, 26 January 2012

Meet the Kids - Furkids, Present and Past

Before this Blog gets fully under way, I thought you all should meet the kids. Greyhound kids, thats all we have. Since 1999 we have been blessed with 20 little feet scampering though the house, and hogging the couch, mostly the latter. Our current two are Roodie and Ella; half-siblings. They are so completely different that it makes us laugh.

Here is our most recent adoptee, Ella...

Ella - AKA Nut-Ella
Ella's pretty much a truckdriver/tank hybrid who barks like a Rotti and bascially has no manners - she barks at EVERYTHING. She's a bit of a brute and sometimes smells funky. She also wants a kitty for Christmas. We call her Smella or Nut-Ellla. Nut-Ella makes us laugh because she's so goofy, she a D-O-G.

And then there's Roodie...

Roodie - the Princess

Roo on the other hand is a very sensitive little flower. He's a worrier and he get spooked quite easily. We call him Princess Roodie or Roodie-Anna. He has his silly moments and can wag tail better than any greyhound we've ever had...but there are all these scary things out in the world: like balls, air mattresses, signs, trees, birds, shadows. He loved his Mamma though...(no surprise there)

Frightz - Mamma nose best!
Mamma Frightz was our broody and Roodie and Ella's Mom. For those not familiar with that term, once she finished racing she went to the farm to breed more racing pups. She had 6 litters and 40 pups total. She was the most polite and ladylike greyhound we have ever had. The only bad thing I can recall was she could scream like a banshee, and for no particular reason. We call this the GSOD or Greyhound Scream of Death. The GSOD is usually reserved for special occasions, like when someone scares you while trying to brush your teeth. She used to scare the crap out of the vets and vet techs (can't say we didn't warn them!). Her racing name was USS Frightning and we did try to change that but if you called for her, "Frrriiiiiggghhtttninnnng' she would come a running. So, we kept it. She was a total doll and we miss her every day. We adopted her 3 weeks after losing our Wardy...

Ward our little sick boy
Ward was our second greyhound and he was sick and underweight when we adopted him from a wonderful group in Ohio. They rescued him from a not so good situation, God bless them. In short, he was a wonderfully loving guy who was medically challenged his entire 3 years with us. We called him our little Frankendog because he was covered in scars from head to toe, well, almost all his toes, all 8.5 of them. He must have had a rough go it before coming to live with us. When he went to the bridge my heart was never the same (this is still hard to write without tearing up).

And then there is the Ambassador who started it all, Walter...

Walter the Rock Star!

Ah Walter, he was a legend and loved by all. A LOT of people knew Walter. He was the kind of greyhound that had peeps and a dogtourage. I was just Walter's Mom. Walter came to work with me every day for 14 months, however, the highlight of his day was returning home to his Dad, what a guy. He and his Dad (my DH David) were two peas on a pod. They did everything together (when he wasn't forced to go to work with me - oh the dread). They definitely broke the mold after Walter was created. DH and I were crushed when he left us for the bridge but we were blessed to have had him in our lives for almost 10 years.

So that's it. Those are the kids present and past. Now go hug your pups...


  1. What beautitul pups! I know it's kinda silly to ask, since there are thousands of greyhounds, but any chance yours would be related to "A Star Blackieto"? I'm always on the hunt for littermates. :)

  2. Hi Maggie, thank you for thinking our pups are handsome but I suspect you are somewhat bias, no?

    Looks like Molotov was the grandfather of your Bella, and our Roodie and Ella. He was Frightning's father. Before you get too excited, Molotov sired over 7500 pups! Poor tired guy...


  3. Molotov is a busy guy indeed! lol