Thursday, 23 February 2012

The Greyhound Pals

I created the Greyhound Pals in 1999 when I was looking for a plush greyhound to buy but couldn't find one. We hadn't yet adopted out first greyhound so I didn't have a model. Enter Beauty, Claudia Presto's greyhound. She was a beautiful fawn greyhound and my Greyhound Pal model. Well that was many years and many pals ago, 885 to be exact. I've had many requests over the years and here are a few of the more memorable ones....

The First Groovy Pal

Lots of Groovy Pals

Fairy Pal

Groovy Pal
Angel Pal with Angel Bunny Slippers

Granny Pal
Granny Pal
Shamrock Raver Pal
Pals with knitted collars
Beach Bum Pal
Farmer Pal
Farmer's Wife (of course)
Nurse Night-n-grey
Angel Pal
Biker with Fangs!
He's a Bad A@@!
Princess Chanel Pal
Buckeye Pal
Beauty Kanab 2003

Beauty, Dewey Beach 2003

So, there are a few of the fun Pals I have had to make over the years and Beauty, the best greyhound model there ever was. I hope they put a smile on your face!

Have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend.


  1. I had no idea you were the creator behind these! How cool is that?! Love them :)

  2. Oh my God these are so so perfect. You are one talented lady.